Astonishing Facts about Chocolates You Must Know

We all love chocolates because of the rich flavor and silky smooth consistency that melts so subtly in the mouth. Love for chocolates has transcended across continents. Whether you are young, adult, or a senior citizen, you just cannot say no to an offering of yummy chocolate. Thanks to the internet, one can easily order chocolates online and get them delivered the same day.


Chocolates have really come a long way! From their humble beginnings of a cocoa product having a bitter taste to the amazing variety of delicious and trendy chocolates, we relish today. The oldest references of a cocoa-based substance that was to be known as chocolate, can be found in the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

Value of chocolates during the Aztec period was so high that the cocoa beans that were used as the main ingredient were used as money. People used to offer a drink of hot chocolate to mark special events. This is probably the very first use of chocolate during celebrations. With the passage of time, chocolates have become so popular that even a child can order chocolates online.

Cocoa cultivation used to attract taxes levied by the government. This underlines the importance of cocoa beans during ancient times. Cocoa beans extract was also used to prevent cavities and tooth decay. The credit of making the original chocolates by using chocolate liquor and mixing it with cocoa butter and sugar goes to a confectionary shop. It was not until the year 1847 that chocolates got their present form and texture.

Popularity of chocolates

Chocolates have earned international recognition as Thirteenth September is observed as the World Chocolate Day. According to one theory, the word cocoa was twisted to become choco and the same was further transformed into the word chocolate. Nowadays, one can order chocolates online with just a few clicks by using a smartphone.

In addition to the taste and texture, the popularity of chocolates is also due to the fascinating variety of chocolates that can suit every palate. Modern food technology has helped create multiple variants of chocolates such as chocolate ice-cream, chocolate cakes, hot chocolate, chocolate biscuits, milk chocolates, and bittersweet chocolates just to name a few.

Complex recipe

Chocolate takes just a few moments to melt inside your mouth but the process of making chocolates is way too complex than you must have thought. The entire method of making chocolates consists of fermentation, drying, grinding, roasting, and refinement.

Cocoa butter and chocolate liquor are the vital constituents of chocolates. You might have come across cocoa butter in the list of ingredients of some skincare lotions. This is just a small proof of the medicinal value of cocoa beans.

The trend of chocolate gifting

You can offer chocolate as a gift to anyone and on any occasion irrespective of the age, gender, and nature of the person. Chocolate is sure to make any individual feel happy. Thanks to the large variety of chocolate gifting ideas offered by online gift shops, one can conveniently order chocolates online for same-day delivery.

If you decide to buy chocolate online, then you can also consider shopping for other gift items as an add-on gift. Chocolate gift hampers, special gift boxes of chocolates, and chocolate bouquets are some of the gift packs offered by online gift shops.