How Giveaways and Gifts for Customers Can Boost Sales of Your E-commerce Business

Compliments and freebies are not only appreciated by all of us but we always look forward to that feeling of pleasant surprise whenever we receive a gift. Gifts play a vital role in retaining customers who will want to come back to your online shop again and again. 

Giveaways enhance customer experience

In contrast to the general perception during the past, offering gifts to customers is no more a futile strategy as more and more companies are reaping the benefits of offering giveaways and compliments to their customers. Enhanced loyalties, more positive online reviews, and growth in repeat purchases are only some benefits of this strategy. 

Gifts and giveaways improve top-of-the-mind recall and as we know we must aim for a larger mind share if we are pursuing a higher market share. Several studies have also confirmed that customers would like to visit the store again after receiving a gift despite the value or utility of the gift item. It is the gesture of offering something free of cost that counts. 

Modern marketing focuses on the strategy of personalized customer experience (CX) rather than customer satisfaction because CX is emerging as the topmost differentiator. Happy customers are more likely to come back for the next purchase and will not even mind spending more during subsequent purchases. They found enhanced customer experience to be the single most important reason to win the loyalty of the customer, according to one study. 

Create a lasting emotional bond

Establishing a personal relationship with the customer is vital to a greater customer experience. Thanks to the new technology, e-commerce portals can have access to customer information including dates of birth, marriage anniversaries, and other milestones. These can also be collected by way of online customer feedback forms. You may also consider offering a small giveaway such as a face-mask, or a pen to solicit such information from your customers while they are checking out. 

Sending gifts to customers on these special occasions can certainly help establish a meaningful relationship. Discounts or coupons have become so common that customers perceive these as their right. Gifts are appreciated more than the customary discounts.

Giveaways are also useful to create brand awareness. One can offer small giveaways only for pressing the ‘like’ icon for promotion of a brand or for improving the online presence of your e-commerce store across social media platforms. 

How to gain maximum ROI from gifts

Giveaways and gifts, free samples, and loyalty gifts have become the order of the day with the cut-throat completion in the domain of e-commerce. Does this mean that giveaways are losing their relevance? No, if you want the practice of offering gifts to customers, then you need to strategize the same. 

As mentioned earlier, add a purpose to the very idea of offering gifts to the customers. Sending flowers or chocolates to your customer who is celebrating a milestone will help you claim a small share of his mind. Customers remember meaningful gits offered on special occasions for a long time.

Time the gifts to stand out from the rest. Offering face masks or small packs of hand sanitizers to customers during the pandemic is a small yet extremely thoughtful gesture. Meaningful and well-timed compliments are always appreciated and remembered. 

An online survey of your giveaway campaign will help you establish a meaningful channel of communication with the customers. Moreover, these reviews and suggestions will also be useful for the next campaign. Offering thoughtful gifts that are nicely packed with a message from your store will enhance the value of the gift as well as your e-commerce store. 

You can also consider offering giveaways to customers to celebrate the anniversary of your e-commerce venture or the launch of a new product line. We can do this by creating an effective buzz about the occasion at least a week before. Gifts may be announced for customers who shop on that day to encourage sales. Online surveys coupled with an offer of a gift have an excellent potential to rope in new customers from hitherto uncharted target segments. 

Final thoughts

The concept of giveaways is being adopted by a plethora of e-commerce merchants. The success of such a campaign depends on the timing and customer focus. We should harness online gifting portals for a successful and hassle-free implementation of online giveaway campaigns. These service providers have an efficient infrastructure to send gifts to intended customers.